My Work

Check out some of the work I’ve created for a variety of brands.

beauty products

Beauty & Fashion content

Prime Women is an online publication for women over 50. As a contributing writer, I create relevant content to review beauty products and cover fashion and style trends.

womens lifestyle

Lifestyle Content

I am a features writer for The List, an online publication focused on ‘women’s lifestyle with a twist.’ 

cat writer

Pet writing

My work for Cattitude Daily focuses on all things cat-related, from behavior to biology and everything in between. 

journalism privacy article


I worked with the editor at Digital Privacy News to craft an article highlighting the privacy concerns with voice recognition technology. I pitched the idea, researched relevant information and interviewed several sources to create an article with DPN’s preferred tone of voice.

creative nonfiction introverts

Creative Nonfiction

With this article, I outlined some common introvert quirks that seem rude. The style of this piece blends a bit of creative nonfiction with some personal narratives that make it more relatable to the audience.

thank you letter nonprofit

nonprofit letter

A nonprofit organization needed some help crafting a heartfelt letter to thank their donors. I rewrote their original template by pulling in their brand messaging and adding the warmer tone of voice they wanted.

travel map writing

Narrative Content

Wayne Moran is a talented photographer and influencer with many stories to tell. His photos are breathtaking and he wanted several narrative style blog posts to showcase work from his trips around the world.

yoga writing

Thought Leadership 

A former yoga instructor needed some help creating thoughtful blog posts that showed the depth of her knowledge and experience. I created a series of thought leadership content for her yoga studio.

written bio for speaker


Jeanne Ashburn needed a bio written to tastefully highlight her expertise and accomplishments while staying compliant with strict regulations in the financial services industry.

podcast show notes writing

Podcast show notes

Podcasts need extensive written content for each episode. The show notes need to draw in potential listeners with an enticing episode summary and an effective call to action, which is how I structured the show notes for this podcast.

email marketing

Email Marketing

Email newsletters need to be sent consistently and contain content the audience finds useful. I created humorous, irreverent email content that was on-brand for this podcast host. (Follow Up Sequence: 55.6% open rate and 5.6% click rate)

about page creation

About Page

I created this About page for a hobby podcaster to explain the background story with plenty of humor and sass to match the branding. 

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