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Travel writing

Dyersville Iowa Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams Developments

Subaru Drive commissioned my pitch about the multi-million-dollar developments at the famous Field of Dreams movie site in Dyersville, Iowa. I pitched, researched, interviewed, wrote, and edited the article. I also traveled to Dyersville and took all of the photos.

personal travel essay

Personal Travel Essay

After an expensive trip to Las Vegas that didn’t exactly go well, I wrote this personal essay about it for Insider.

photo of The Golden Rule Coffee House, Redwood Falls, MN

Travelogue: redwood Falls, MN

Minnesota Monthly commissioned photos and this travelogue-style article about Redwood Falls, Minnesota. I visited several businesses and spoke with multiple people to craft this piece.

first class flight view

First Class Flight Review commissioned a review of my experience flying first class for the first time.

TSA security airport

TSA Tips for Travelers

I wrote this article to help other travelers avoid embarrassing themselves in the TSA line at the airport. (Yes, I’ve done some of the awkward things in the article, so there’s some humor sprinkled in.)

TSA security airport

Traveling with a Friend

Traveling with friends can get complicated, especially when there are different spending styles and budgets involved.

las vegas

Vegas Food & Drink Costs

Multiple people declared daily food and drink costs would be expensive in Las Vegas. I recorded my daily spend to compare and provide tips.

travel writer

Airplane Travel

Airfarewatchdog commissioned a story about my flight experience during COVID-19. I compiled notes during my trip and wrote this piece to help others understand the new experience of traveling during a pandemic.

solo traveler

Solo Travel Tips

I put my solo travel experience to good use in this article, providing a few tips for solo travel newbies.

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pet insurance

This sponsored content article about pet insurance was created on behalf of Nationwide Insurance and published on

travel credit cards

Q&A on Owatonna, MN

I interviewed a young professional who moved to Owatonna, MN for this piece. Published with Livability Media, the article was sponsored by the Owatonna Partners for Economic Development.

Insurance & financial writing

credit card

Credit Scores for Homebuyers

This article answers the question of whether credit scores can be boosted quickly while buying a home.


Financial Organization

I write articles on insurance and finance topics for HerMoney (an award-winning website focused on women and finances), including this piece about getting financially organizaed.

travel credit cards

Travel Rewards Credit Cards

Plenty of credit cards offer travel rewards, but they’re all different. I worked with experts to evaluate whether they’re worth having.

renter's insurance article

Renter’s Insurance policy

This blog for an insurance agency explores whether graduates are covered under a homeowner’s policy or whether they should purchase renter’s insurance.

pet insurance article

Pet Insurance commissioned this informative article about pet insurance, complete with information from two qualified sources.

car insurance damage

Filing Insurance Claims

Many people aren’t familiar with filing an insurance claim, and this blog post gives them a starting point.

lifestyle & commerce writing


Personal Essay

Insider commissioned this relationship-focused essay about the unusual way I met my husband.

practice range

course review

After taking a weekend-long course, River Valley Arms & Ammo asked me to write about my experience in this guest blog post.


Travel + Leisure Travel Commerce Writer

As a contributing writer for the Travel Commerce team, I write about a variety of products to help you travel well and bring those vacation vibes home.

beauty products

Beauty & Fashion for Women 50+

As a contributing writer for PRiME Women, I created content about beauty, fashion, and lifestyle trends.

My beauty round-up piece was PRiME’s sixth most popular article of 2020.


Commerce content for People

I write a variety of commerce content as a contributing writer for People. This article focuses on a lookalike piece from one of Kate Middleton’s styles.


Commerce Content for TIME 

I was one of the first writers onboarded for TIME’s new commerce platform. I write about a wide range of lifestyle products for the iconic publication.


Gift-Giving Guide

I interviewed experts to create this holiday gift-giving guide for HerMoney, a financial advice website for women.

womens lifestyle

Features Writer

I wrote longer entertainment features for The List. These pieces involved heavy research and the ability to craft entertaining reads from facts.

entertainment weekly headphones

entertainment weekly commerce content

This short, snappy piece for Entertainment Weekly covered a sale on Beats headphones from Amazon. Other commerce articles are listed on my EW author page.

better homes and gardens writer

Writer for Better HOmes & Gardens

I regularly write about a variety of topics for Better Homes & Gardens.  These home and garden commerce articles call for thorough research and consultations with expert sources.


Glowsly Contributing Writer

I wrote about skincare, makeup, and more as a contributing writer for Glowsly.


Hair Health Content

I crafted informative content for Vegamour while following stringent SEO guidelines.

mental health

Mental Health Content

As a contributing writer for Psych Central, I wrote about multiple mental health topics, including this piece about depression.

Pet writing


Daily Paws

This article for Daily Paws pertains to a somewhat gross (but very necessary) topic for pet owners. I interviewed credible sources to write an informative article on removing pet stains.

cat writer

Cat Articles

As a contributing writer for Cattitude Daily, I wrote about all things cat-related, from behavior to biology and everything in between.

cat writer

Dog Gifts Roundup

I created this roundup of 20 dog-related gift ideas for Daily Paws. It’s a fun, light piece focused on incorporating affiliate links to top-rated products.


Dogster Article

This short piece for Dogster includes quotes from an expert in canine dental health.


PawPrint Magazine

I pitched and wrote this piece on choosing a new kitty companion for Dotdash Meredith’s PawPrint Magazine.

Content & Copy for Businesses

LinkedIn about businessman

LinkedIn About Section

A newly retired business professional asked for revisions to his LinkedIn profile. Using highlights supplied by the client, I crafted a professional bio to showcase his expertise.

laptop email

Email Marketing

Email newsletters need to be sent consistently and contain content the audience finds useful. I created humorous, irreverent email content that was on-brand for this podcast host. (Follow Up Sequence: 55.6% open rate and 5.6% click rate)


About Page

I created this About page for a hobby podcaster to explain the background story with plenty of humor and sass to match the branding.

thank you letter nonprofit

nonprofit letter

A nonprofit organization needed some help crafting a heartfelt letter to thank their donors. I rewrote their original template by pulling in their brand messaging and adding the warmer tone of voice they wanted.


Podcast show notes

Podcasts need extensive written content for each episode. The show notes need to draw in potential listeners with an enticing episode summary and an effective call to action, which is how I structured the show notes for this podcast.

professional women

professional Bio

A financial advisor needed a bio written to tastefully highlight her expertise and accomplishments while staying compliant with strict regulations in the financial services industry.

Narrative, Nonfiction & Thought Leadership Content

creative nonfiction introverts

Creative Nonfiction

With this article, I outlined some common introvert quirks that seem rude. The style of this piece blends a bit of creative nonfiction with some personal narratives that make it more relatable to the audience.

travel map

Narrative Content

Wayne Moran is a talented photographer and influencer with many stories to tell. His photos are breathtaking and he wanted several narrative style blog posts to showcase his work from trips around the world.

travel map

thought leadership in recruiting

I worked with to create this thought leadership piece on today’s hiring environment in the biotech recruiting industry. 


journalism privacy article


I worked with the editor at Digital Privacy News to craft an article highlighting the privacy concerns with voice recognition technology. I pitched the idea, researched relevant information and interviewed several sources to create an article with DPN’s preferred tone of voice.

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