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Social Media Rockstars

Rockstar Marketing

Another year of the Social Media Rockstar event has come and gone, and there were so many amazing insights shared about the world of digital marketing! I came home from the event yesterday amped up about marketing and how I can better help my clients as well as my own company. Actually, I’m pretty sure […]

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The Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster

Entrepreneurial Rollercoaster

The life of an entrepreneur is…interesting. It definitely has its ups and downs (hence the title of this post!). Sometimes entrepreneurs ask themselves why in the world they thought starting a business and quitting their full-time job was a good idea, and other times they can’t believe they ever ‘survived’ a standard 9-to-5 job with […]

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Video Marketing

“Kind of like a selfie, only in video form!” Video is predicted to be a big trend in social media this year. You can read a bit more about the stats and other numbers here. But if you’re on Facebook or pretty much any other social media site semi-regularly, you’ve probably been noticing this–no stats or research required! […]

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Awkward Business

…You know the one I mean–awkward silences, five people staring at you, your mouth has gone dry, and no matter how hard you try to get back on track everything just works against you. Yeah, those are no fun…

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Always Improving

If you would have asked me six months ago if I would have completely switched career paths, I may have told you that you were crazy (in a very nice, tactful way of course). Sometimes it seems we get stuck in a rut; stuck in the same career because we know how to do our jobs. […]

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Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to attend the Social Media Rockstar event in Morton, Minnesota. Wow, what a knowledgeable and FUN group of social media gurus! I had the opportunity to hear from fantastic speakers such as Marcus Sheridan and Adam Dince. I consider myself to be pretty competent with social media, but these experts just […]

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