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Make 2017 the Year You Get Serious About Networking

Oh yes, I said it. Networking. It’s not as bad as it first sounds. In fact, it’s good for you to get a little uncomfortable; it means you’re growing. You’ve tried it all, right? Blogging, social media, newspaper and radio ads. But you’re still not getting as many new clients as you’d like. If you’ve […]

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Always Improving

If you would have asked me six months ago if I would have completely switched career paths, I may have told you that you were crazy (in a very nice, tactful way of course). Sometimes it seems we get stuck in a rut; stuck in the same career because we know how to do our jobs. […]

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Going “All In”–For Free

Recently, a business acquaintance sent me a message over Facebook regarding my Marketing Consultant business. He wanted to talk to me about potentially helping his company with some Facebook marketing. We chatted on the phone later that day and I learned a couple of things. Number one: his company is currently using another marketing firm to […]

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Find Your Ruby Slippers

Find Your Own Ruby Slippers

  I happen to love, love, LOVE these ruby slippers. And red is my color–it is literally sprinkled throughout my business and my shoe collection. But this post isn’t about telling you to go out and buy some red shoes. (Even though that’s pretty much always a great idea!) Red has essentially become my calling card, and partly how I […]

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