In 2015, a tragedy touched my life and put me at a major crossroads.

After the sudden and unexpected passing of my mentor, colleague and friend I was faced with a career-changing decision. I could choose to take over management of the insurance agency I worked for, complete with multiple strings attached; I could choose to walk away from the agency to seek out an easier job where I could wish away the years until retirement; or, I could start my own business, call my own shots and take the path of the ‘unknown,’ exhilarating and terrifying though it may be.

I decided life is too short.

I chose to take this tragedy as a wake-up call screaming at me to pursue this venture now known as B. VanDerBill Consulting LLC. I empowered myself to make a career (and life) altering decision and strike out on my own.

Today, my own journey inspires me to empower other business owners and help them get where they want to be through leveraging marketing and branding. I truly believe anyone can do their own marketing. All it takes is a bit of time, effort and a willingness to partner with me for a short period of time. We’ll develop the foundation you need to succeed at marketing for your own business so you feel empowered to do it yourself.


B. VanDerBill Consulting LLC


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