In 2015, I faced a major fork in the road.

After the sudden and unexpected passing of my mentor, colleague and friend I needed to make a career-changing decision. I could choose to take the ‘safer’ road of staying in a career that no longer served me or I could start my own business, call my own shots and take the path of the ‘unknown,’ exhilarating and terrifying though it may be.

I decided life is too short.

I chose to embark on that unknown path and open up B. VanDerBill Consulting LLC. I empowered myself to make a career- and life-altering decision that has allowed me the freedom and flexibility I crave.

Today, my journey inspires me to help other business owners get where they want to go. While I work with a select group of clients on social media marketing and consulting, I also offer writing services ranging from blogging to researched articles, travel stories and more.

Since beginning my business journey in 2015, I’ve come to realize that writing is an enjoyable way I can use my talents to serve others. Written content can be a key piece of a successful marketing plan for businesses, non-profits and individuals alike.
As a writer, I deliver high quality content while meeting (and often beating!) deadlines. I welcome the challenge of adapting tone of voice to meet your brand’s specific style and goals through the written word.

On a more personal note…

I am someone who typically gets herself into awkward situations here and there. In fact, I even have a mug about being awkward:

coffee mug awkward

I also love the color red and am absolutely obsessed with anything that sparkles. I adore cats, coffee and a spontaneous happy hour with good friends.

Please feel free to contact me if you need anything!

B VanDerBill Consulting


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