About Me

This is where I’m supposed to craft a witty, engaging and possibly humorous summary all about myself. (The pressure!)

I’m Brittany VanDerBill {writer}

As business owners, it’s so hard to write about ourselves, isn’t it?

Even as a writer, I’m not immune to this particular form of writer’s block. (Hint: sometimes it helps to start with a fun fact.)

I do enjoy a a good sense of humor and am totally full of awkward stories. (Side note: Why is it that the harder I try not to be awkward, the more awkward I am?!)

I like to joke that awkward is one of my specialties!

Brittany VanDerBill
writer notebook


All joking aside, I am a writer at heart and have been running my business since 2015.

Initially, I primarily offered social media marketing. I have since pivoted to focus on offering quality written content that serves my clients, whether they are a digital publication or a business in need of website copy.

I do this by taking time to understand who my clients are and what their organizations represent so I can deliver content that aligns beautifully with their goals.

On a more personal note, I absolutely love shoes and anything sparkly. By that I mean I would cover every surface in glitter if I could.

My hubby would not be a fan of this, so I settle for sneaking in glittery things wherever I can.

We share our home with our spoiled-rotten cat and live in rural Minnesota where the winters are brutal and summers pass by in a blink.

If there’s anything else you want to know, just reach out and connect!

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“You can make anything by writing.”

-C.S. Lewis