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I provided a mini-training session to a business last week and they had some great questions about social media. One question in particular centered on the idea of tagging someone in an Instagram post and how that post shows up within Instagram. I figured this might be valuable information to share with all of you, too.

My client’s question essentially boiled down to who sees a tagged post on Instagram. In this situation, the business posted a photo and tagged someone in it. The business wanted to know if the tagged person’s followers would see this post in their own feeds.

It would make sense if this was the case, since Instagram is owned by Facebook.

However, that’s not actually what happens. To answer this question, we first need to look at whether the business’ Instagram profile is public or private. In this case, it is a public profile so anyone can see their posts. If it was set to private, only the business’ followers would see posts.

When this business tags someone in a post, the person tagged should receive a notification. (I say should because sometimes ‘bugs’ and glitches happen as we all know!) The photo then shows up in a special section on that person’s profile.

On the screenshot below, the circled area is where ‘tagged photos’ will be on an Instagram profile:


Instagram Tagged Photos

Instagram Tagged Photos

If this business tagged me in a post, it would show up under this section on my profile. So my followers can see the post but they’ll need to navigate to my profile to do so. The tagged post won’t automatically find its way into my followers’ feeds like it would on Facebook.

What Instagram questions do you have?

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