Facebook: Making Sure Your Prospects Find You (And Like What They See!)

It’s no secret that social media is a big part of our everyday lives. Facebook in particular seems to capture our attention like no other.

Making sure that your business or nonprofit has a presence on Facebook is important.  Equally important is that your organization’s Facebook presence is polished and offers your prospects the information they’re looking for.

According to research from Retail Dive, close to 67% of us research a business or product on the internet before purchasing. That number actually sounds a bit conservative to me, but even so this is a big number. The majority of people want to educate themselves on a product or service before they contact you or stop in to your business.

If a potential customer of yours is trying to find your business on Facebook and they can’t, it becomes more likely that he or she will move on to a competitor. If that same potential customer searches for a company like yours and finds you on Facebook, what will he or she see? Does your business have a polished, consistent presence with actively engaged followers? Or has Facebook become a backseat priority among the dozens of things your business needs to accomplish every day, creating a page that is unappealing thanks to zero engagement, outdated information and no recent posts?

I hope your Facebook page shines with consistent posting (something within the last week, ideally) and branded graphics with high quality photos and videos. If you find yourself reviewing your page (go ahead, I’ll wait…) and realizing that it could use some help, I’ve got you covered.

Whether you already have a page and just need some help ensuring you have the basics covered or if you’re in need of a brand new Facebook page, I’ve put together a list for you. This beginner’s checklist for Facebook offers some key points to help you create or update your page to make sure your potential customers find it and that they like what they find once they get there.

Remember that people do business with those that they know, like and trust. The more your page provides value to a potential customer, the more likely they are to keep engaging with your page. They’ll get to know and enjoy your brand through what you put on your Facebook page and eventually they may bring their business to you.

If you find that you’d like a little more help getting started with using Facebook or other social media sites, you might find a personalized training session helpful. Schedule your free consultation to find out more!

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