5 Last-Minute Ideas for Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday

It’s the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. If you’re anything like me, you may be in the midst of wrapping up several client projects and just plain neglected to plan something big for Small Business Saturday. (Which, by the way, is this Saturday.)

Have no fear! I’ve compiled a short list of some last-minute ideas for you to implement by Saturday:

  1. Create a special offer on Facebook
    You know that “Offers” tab on your business Facebook page? (No? Click “Settings” on your page, then “Edit Page.” Click “Add a Tab” and choose “Offers.”) Now is a great time to put a special offer there to reward your loyal Facebook followers with a discount.
  2. Create a product photo collage
    Take four or five good quality photos of some popular products you have on hand. Create a collage or slideshow and post it on your social media sites.
  3. Gather your neighbors
    If you’re a retail store with other businesses nearby, be everyone’s hero and create some Facebook posts about the specials and discounts THEY have. Tag their business name on your page and you’ll likely reach a few new prospects while helping out fellow business owners.
  4. Check out the American Express website
    They have some templates and social media posts you can easily modify for Small Business Saturday.
  5. Pay for some Facebook reach
    Social media is a great way to reach potential customers. Why not set up a simple boosted post on Facebook? Take that product collage or slideshow you created and spend $10 or so targeting nearby shoppers to alert them to your awesome deals.

You’ve still got a few days until Small Business Saturday, so take some time now to decide which of these last-minute ideas you’ll try. They’ll even leave you plenty of time to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with loved ones tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving!




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