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I must admit, I’ve been neglecting my business Pinterest boards a bit lately (oops!). However, I logged on for a moment this morning to pin a really interesting infographic about social media posting times from CoSchedule that I happened upon as I was sipping my morning coffee. As I was creating a caption and giving props to CoSchedule for their work, I ended with a couple of hashtags as I typically do with my pins, and suddenly: a pop up!

And I’m not talking about one of those annoying, fill-the-entire-screen, can’t-find-the-little-x-button pop ups either. This was a very exciting pop up! Take a look:


Pinterest Hashtags

Hashtags on Pinterest!


You’ll notice that red arrow pointing to a list of hashtag suggestions along with the numbers of pins containing each hashtag. Amazing, right? I can’t wait to dig in a little deeper, but here’s the quick version of why you should care if you’re on Pinterest for business: Hashtags let you get discovered more easily when people (prospects!) are searching for your product or service.

Choose the right hashtags, get in front of the right people (aka ‘target audience’).

Do you use Pinterest for business? Does this new feature brighten up your day like it did with mine?

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