You Should Post Less Often on Social Media

Social Media Overwhelm

Sounds counter-intuitive, doesn’t it?

There’s no doubt that using social media for your business is a good idea but between the various algorithms and the sheer amount of content people and businesses are pushing out every single minute, I think it’s safe to say we all are experiencing a bit of content overload.

I typically offer a Facebook posting package for my clients with 2-3 posts per week. Yes, you read that right–per week, not per day. There’s such a case for content overload that I don’t believe they should have to pay me to come up with daily posts that end up getting lost in the jungle of algorithms.

When I handle social media for my clients we stick to fewer posts and really try to make them relevant to our intended audience. Depending on the business’ goals, we’re on social media to grow a community and increase brand awareness. We want to be providing content that’s valuable in some way, shape or form to our target market. In my business, I don’t believe that includes bombarding them with several posts per day.

In fact, there are other social media marketers out there who definitely agree. Inc. published an article about two major ideas in social media that made me sit there and nod along as I read it. (Okay, maybe I cheered a bit too..) In today’s world it seems that a fairly large segment of marketing agencies preach about posting more often and repeating the same content over and over again.

While the second half of that plan does have some value (note: some, but that’s another blog post), I have not been totally on board with the high amount of posts many marketers have been recommending. Granted, I may not have as much experience as some but I do believe in quality and respecting my clients’ time and budget constraints.

So what does this mean for your business?

You can breathe a sigh of relief! Instead of worrying about how in the world you’re going to find something to post to your business’ Facebook page multiple times per day, you can relax your posting schedule a bit.

I recommend starting with two posts per week, or even one if you are just starting out on social media. As you start to get the hang of posting and navigating social media for business, you will start to see that finding and posting valuable content is not so difficult. Then, depending on your schedule and your business goals, you can ramp up to three posts or more per week.

What do you think? Is posting less often a good idea or do you disagree? I’d love to read your comments!

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