Should Your Business be on Social Media?

Social Media for Business

In a short answer: yes.

The longer answer: almost certainly, with very few exceptions.

The long answer (okay, short blog post in answer to the question):

Most businesses should be on social media. Hootsuite has a great post with in-depth statistics on social media and businesses, and reports that 50 million businesses are on Facebook. More than 40% of people here in the U.S. believe it’s important for organizations they interact with to be on social media. That’s a pretty important statistic to take note of!

Let me put it this way: If four out of ten of your clients want to interact with you on social media but you aren’t on it, what kind of message is that sending to nearly half of your clients? Hint: it’s saying that you really don’t care about how they want to do business or get to know you. (Or at least giving that impression.)

As a business owner, you know it’s vital that you are responding to your clients and providing value to them. That value can be in the form of excellent customer service, superior products and delivering a great experience. Have you ever thought that you could provide value to your clients through social media channels like Facebook or LinkedIn? You can!

Still not convinced? Deluxe did some research and found that about half of people who use their phone to search for a business will actually step foot into that business in the next day. The upshot of this is that most of us have smartphones today. Most of us are also going to search for businesses online before we call them or stop in at a store. If that potential client searching for you can’t find you online–through your website or through a social media profile like Facebook–they’re not going to become a customer.

In today’s world, if you aren’t online it’s like you don’t exist.

Before you go and create business profiles on eight different social media sites though, stop and do a bit of research. Identify your target audience and your ideal client; what social media channels do they most use? What kind of problems can you solve for them? What kind of value could you provide on Facebook vs. LinkedIn?

As you’re doing your research, make sure you are relatively comfortable with the social media channels you choose. Start out with one, maybe two, and set up your business’ profiles. Make sure you take the time to consistently post on whichever channel you choose, and be absolutely sure to take the time to respond to and interact with your fans or followers. Social media is about relationships after all!

Getting started with social media can be a bit overwhelming, so don’t be afraid to reach out for help or delegate tasks. Partnering with a marketing consultant can be very beneficial to you, especially if you’re just getting started with social media sites. Now, what are you waiting for?



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