New Year’s Reset on Insurance Goals

Insurance Agency Marketing Plan

It’s officially the ‘new year’ and the revelry from ringing in 2017 has started to die down. Life resumes its routines and you’re preparing to head back to work as usual.

Then you remember: the start of a new year means your sales numbers reset to a big zero.

You may have blasted your policy sales goals out of the water in 2016 or you may have missed the mark. No matter what, 2017 means you need to be planning and using marketing and business strategies to your advantage to help you move your insurance agency forward.

If you haven’t done so already, take the time to review what you did to market your agency in 2016. If you reached or exceeded your policy goals for 2016, take stock of what marketing activities helped you get there. Did you focus on brand or name recognition last year? Or maybe you budgeted money to spend on Facebook ads and boosted posts for your agency Facebook page. Whatever worked well, keep doing it.

If you fell a bit short of your sales goals, don’t sweat it too much. That big ‘zero’ that came around at the first of the year is a fresh start, a chance to regroup and revitalize your marketing to improve sales in 2017. First, did you have a marketing plan for 2016? If not, start sketching one out to help you achieve your business goals. Here are a few things to consider implementing for your agency in 2017:

  • Personalized Insurance Reviews
    • Taking time to review existing coverage with each of your clients strengthens the relationship you have with them. These reviews are also great opportunities to address gaps in coverage and cross sell (when appropriate, of course).
  • Referral Program
    • Create a consistent framework that’s easy for you and your staff to follow so you remember to ask for referrals. For example, put a sticker on the back of your business card that says “We love referrals!” This is an extremely simple way to keep referrals top of mind–for you and your clients.
  • Direct Mail
    • Yes, I am talking about snail mail! Don’t completely disregard this marketing avenue; it may be old-school, but sometimes it’s the right way to go. There are many different regulations on sending emails to former clients, and an eye-catching postcard might be just the thing to prompt them to give you a call and ask for new insurance quotes.
  • Social Media
    • Is your agency on Facebook? If not, I strongly recommend considering creating a business page. You have a wealth of knowledge as an insurance agent, so why not share some of it with your prospects on social media? It’s a great way to position yourself as an expert or authority in your industry.

As you’re evaluating your marketing plan, it’s smart to consider bringing someone in to delegate your marketing tasks to. As your agency grows, you’ll have less and less time to devote to marketing (which is a good problem to have). Your time is better spent doing what you do best: providing insurance expertise to your clients.

Whether or not 2016 was a banner year for your insurance agency, as a business owner your priority should be your clients. Stay focused on helping them with their insurance needs and bring in a marketing consultant to help your agency get more leads!

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