Outsourcing Your Business’ Marketing


Have you ever wondered when is the right time to get some help with your marketing but weren’t sure who to turn to or even where to start? If so, you’re not alone. Just head to your favorite search engine and enter in a phrase such as ‘should I outsource my marketing’ or ‘when to outsource marketing for business’ and you’ll find hundreds (if you even click past page 1) of blogs and articles on this very topic.

Since your time is valuable, I’m going to save you a bit of work. I’ve put together some information about your options for outsourcing marketing, examples of what to look for in a marketing consultant or agency, and pointers on how to get started finding qualified marketing help.

Join me this Thursday, December 1st, at 8am at WorkUp in Willmar for Social Media Breakfast. You’ll get coffee, a light breakfast and some great conversation about how to outsource your marketing. If you can’t make it on Thursday, contact me and I’ll send you my PowerPoint guide. Hope to see you on Thursday!


Outsourcing Your Marketing


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