Marketing Plan: 2017

Marketing Plan

Have you started thinking about your marketing plan for 2017?



I know, it’s only October but also…it’s already October! The year is flying by, and if you’re going to get ahead of 2017 it’s important to work on your business and marketing plans now.

If you’re anything like most small business owners, you might be guilty of always putting your clients first–maybe even to a fault. While it’s incredibly important to keep your clients happy and make sure you’re working hard for them, it’s essential that you take some time to regularly work on your business, too. It can be difficult setting aside a client’s project to work on your own business, but it’s vital that you do so.

Marketing Planning

I find it useful to block off some time every week to work on building and improving my own business. That might mean reviewing my existing ad campaigns on Facebook or creating a new campaign, or it might mean taking some time to plan out my next few months of content for my business blog.

I will be the first to admit that blocking time does not always work how it’s supposed to, though. Emergencies come up that are unavoidable, and the last thing you should do is ignore a client in their time of need. But if you get a good handle on project deadlines and manage expectations up front, there is no reason for you as a business owner not to block off a couple of hours per week to work on improving your business.

For example, have you thought about your marketing strategy for 2017 yet? It can feel like January 1 is far away, but I assure you it will be here before we know it. If you have a marketing strategy in place for the current year, I commend you! But a marketing strategy is not simply a ‘cut and paste’ type of plan that you can just copy and reuse each year. Just think of how fast technology changes; what might be the hottest social media marketing platform this year could end up outdated for 2017.

Don’t let your marketing strategy wither in the corner and become outdated. Start planning now for important dates and events throughout 2017 that you want your prospects and clients to know about. If your insurance agency or retail store has a Customer Appreciation Day for example, you need to get out in front of that with your marketing efforts so your customers know to stop by and be appreciated.

Consider any important events that occur each year as well. What month is your business anniversary? Maybe you could offer a promotion or a giveaway that month. Don’t forget about holidays when you’re mapping out your business’ marketing strategy as well. Not only should you be acknowledging holidays you (and your clients) feel are important, you might want to think about running promotions around certain holidays as well. We all know “Black Friday” is a popular sales holiday, but get creative and come up with your own promotion that stands out.

If you’ve never created a marketing plan before, don’t panic. It is never too late to start one, and they don’t have to be overly complicated. Taking the time today to identify important dates or events in the coming year will put you way ahead of many business owners, and you’ll feel better once you’ve taken a bit of time to map out where your business is headed in 2017.

Marketing Strategy

As always, I would be happy to meet with you at your office to talk about marketing and growing your business. All you have to do is ask!

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