#78 of 100 Marketing Tips for Insurance Agents

LinkedIn for Insurance Agencies

If you work in an insurance agency, you’ve probably happened across this really awesome marketing website for insurance agents. As I mentioned before, it can be really difficult to create fun and effective marketing materials for your insurance agency, and Insurance Splash is a tremendous resource for agents.

I came across one of their posts with 100 marketing ideas for insurance agents recently and thought I’d share in case it helps any of you in the insurance industry. I know this list is a bit lengthy, so if you only have time to read one of these tips today make sure you read #78 on leveraging LinkedIn.

You probably have a personal profile on LinkedIn. How long has it been since you last logged in and spent a few minutes polishing up your profile? In my former life as an insurance agent, I always found it interesting how agents’ profile photos on LinkedIn looked nothing like the agent. I would walk into a room full of veteran agents and, despite having connected with them on LinkedIn, recognized exactly none of them. Most of the agents I know used a professional head shot from 20 (sometimes 30 or 40) years ago. I don’t know about you, but I certainly have experienced the aging process and do not look the same as I did a few years ago!

If this sounds familiar to you, go check your LinkedIn profile. Update your profile picture and while you’re logged in, take a look through your contact information. Is it updated and accurate? Go through your work history and make sure your agency name is displayed. For one thing, Google and other search engines include your LinkedIn profile in search results. Also, people will use the search bar within the social media site to find professionals with certain job titles or in specific industries.

You get where I’m going with this, right?

Prospects are looking for you on LinkedIn! You don’t need to spend hours updating your profile or making connections, but don’t miss out on the opportunity to present your name and your agency name to your prospects. As an agent, you know it can (and usually does) take multiple touches for a prospect to pick up the phone or walk into your office and ask you to quote their insurance. LinkedIn provides another professional, polished and relatively easy way for you to add another touchpoint.

If you need help getting started or you aren’t sure what to do once you’re on LinkedIn, contact me!

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