Facebook Video Marketing for $1 per Day

Facebook video posts for $1 per day

You might have seen a blog post I wrote recently about the Social Media Rockstar event in Willmar, Minnesota recently. In case you didn’t have time to read it, let me quickly summarize it by saying it was an event packed full of helpful information and amazing speakers.

One of the sessions included Dennis Yu speaking about Facebook marketing. Specifically, he proposed that businesses should start by spending $1 per day boosting Facebook posts to see results. Dennis Yu knows his stuff, so of course I had to try it! Here’s what happened:

First, at the suggestion of Dennis I recorded a one minute long video to share a snippet of what I learned from the event. If you know me, you know taking video selfies is not my favorite thing to do–but hey, when you have someone who’s amazing at Facebook ad campaigns telling you the one thing you need to do right now…you do it!

I chose to focus on the lessons I learned from Yu’s talk about creating useful content through video and targeting the right audience on Facebook, then spending only $1 per day on boosting the post. So I recorded the video, posted it to Facebook, and set a budget of $7 with an ad timeline of seven days.

Then, I waited.

Facebook video marketing

I started seeing the paid reach on the post increase of course, but with a relatively low number of Facebook fans (feel free to like my page, by the way) I honestly didn’t expect much. To my surprise at the end of the campaign, and with only $7 spent, there were over 3,500 people reached with more than 1,400 views on the video. Of those views, 475 of them watched the video for longer than 10 seconds. I ended up with 24 reactions, comments or shares.

To give you a comparison, I previously paid to promote my business page and only reached 890 people. Want to guess how much I spent on this? Twenty dollars. Versus the $7 spent to promote a one minute video. Yes, these are different ways of ‘paying to play’ on Facebook, but that’s quite a difference in budget and reach as well.

Now, to be honest I certainly didn’t have anyone beating down my door to hire me for marketing services after this campaign. This video was done quickly and more or less as an experiment, so know I need to do some refining in terms of audience customization and additional content. But I was pretty impressed with the reach I could achieve with literally only one dollar per day on Facebook.

Are you inspired to start reaching more people with only $1?

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