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Insurance Blogging

Marketing for an insurance agency can be a really tough thing to do. Between compliance regulations getting more restrictive and the time needed just to effectively manage your insurance agency, even the thought of attempting something new with your marketing plan sounds like too much of a hassle to bother with. Sound familiar?

Trust me, I know. I spent five years as a licensed agent in a local insurance agency and I know firsthand how busy the office can get! For several of those years, I also handled our marketing plan which included everything from designing and creating content for direct mail pieces to Facebook and social media marketing for the agency. Of course I also attended plenty of face-to-face networking events and I set up a number of coffee and lunch meetings to build relationships with prospects and referral sources. (And sometimes, I just needed some coffee!)

The one marketing strategy I didn’t try for the agency? Blogging.

I didn’t know much about blogging at the time, and I also wasn’t the agency owner and therefore didn’t have the final say on marketing and advertising. Blogging is a useful marketing tool when done correctly, and can be a tremendous resource for an insurance agency’s clients and prospects alike. Just think of all the information you can provide to your clients about insurance! The average consumer doesn’t know much about insurance, and frequently won’t even know what questions to ask. (That’s where your job as an insurance agent comes in, by the way. Client education is the foundation for any good agency!) Many consumers will use their favorite search engine to answer their insurance-related questions, and even to find your agency.

You have all kinds of insurance-related knowledge. You’ve seen so many claims and unique situations, ranging from someone shooting out a neighbor’s window by a freak ricochet incident (yes, really) to the 10-times-a-day claim you call in for a rock chip in your clients’ windshields. Your prospect, Joe Smith? He hasn’t seen any of that! Plus, he’s getting unsolicited advice from well-meaning friends and neighbors about his broken windshield; most of that advice is probably slightly inaccurate at best, and wildly untrue at worst. Joe will turn to his favorite search engine and look up what to do with a windshield claim.

When Joe Smith is searching for insurance agencies in your town, will he find an extensive online presence for your agency? Or will he find a website with next to no information on it and a generic “Contact Me for a Quote!” script? I hope he finds your website that contains lots of great insurance information along with your Facebook business page with even more great information! The reality is, many agencies don’t have a polished website along with fully completed–and active!–social media profiles. You might be asking at this point, “Where do I even start?!”

Enter the insurance agency blog. If you have a complete website with a blog that answers your clients’ insurance-related questions, they will spend some time reading through your site. He or she may even give you a call and have you quote some insurance in the morning. If this prospect can’t find your website or social media profile easily though, he might bypass calling you for a quote altogether. No agent wants that!

If you’ve been thinking you need some new marketing strategies but don’t know where to start or don’t have time to blog, consider working with a marketing consultant that has the insurance knowledge and marketing experience that will benefit your agency.

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