How Many Facebook Posts?

This is a good question with no absolutely ‘right’ or absolutely ‘wrong’ answer. (My apologies to fellow perfectionists and Type-A personalities!)

As a social media marketer, I get asked this question pretty frequently and the answer is basically: it varies. There are many factors affecting how many times per day or week your business ‘should’ be posting on Facebook. In fact, HubSpot has researched this topic pretty extensively and you can read more about stats and variables here if you wish. Their research included categories of brands with either more than 10,000 followers or brands with fewer than 10,000. Since most of my current clients are in the latter category, the next part of the article was most relevant to me.

From the brand’s perspective, one might think that posting a lot of content each month would create more clicks or get more engagement from followers, right? Not necessarily! The research showed that generally speaking, brands that posted less than five times per month received more clicks (or engagement) than brands that posted 60 or more times per month (with one or two caveats). If we think about it from the fan’s standpoint for a moment though, it completely makes sense that a brand or company sending out 60 (or more!) posts each month would saturate newsfeeds…and that sounds a lot like spam!

There’s a lot of content out there, and it can be very overwhelming to your Facebook fans to be bombarded with several posts per day from your page. It’s much better to share quality information that your target client or prospect finds interesting, and post fewer times per month. It’s much less stress on you, you’ll have higher quality content, and you’ll leave them wanting more!

Keep your audience in mind when deciding how many times per month to post on Facebook, and make sure you’re creating valuable content for your specific audience. And, if you need some help you can always contact me!

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