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Logo design

Logo Design

I was asked a few months ago to mentor a high school student in a class that teaches entrepreneurial skills, and  it’s been a great experience!  These students get to class at 7:15 am, Monday through Friday, and learn how to be a professional business owner. They dress professionally, they act professionally, and they attend networking events like pros! These kids are seriously impressive, and they will be so ahead of the game by the time they graduate high school.

As part of this mentoring relationship, I learned the student I’ve been working with was stuck on creating a logo for her jewelry business that she started as part of this program. After meeting with her and getting a general sense of her business and branding ideas, I ran with some ideas for a logo and came up with the one you see above. I sent it to her and she loves it, which is so rewarding! I really like it as well and got her permission to post it to my website and show it off a bit for her. I love that she’ll be able to use it as part of her jewelry startup, and I am definitely honored to have helped her with portions of her business.

So if you have a chance to mentor a young, business-minded person…go for it! You just never know where it might lead.

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