Video Marketing

“Kind of like a selfie, only in video form!”

Video is predicted to be a big trend in social media this year. You can read a bit more about the stats and other numbers here. But if you’re on Facebook or pretty much any other social media site semi-regularly, you’ve probably been noticing this–no stats or research required!

Video blogging and social media is a fascinating marketing combination. We’ve moved beyond pictures and sharing two sentence updates to full-on videos and now live streaming. This lets us connect with brands and other social media users in such a different way, a more personal way. Especially when it comes to live streaming! We as social media viewers get to see the video blogger in action, live, with no editing. (This would be a bad time to accidentally use a four letter word, by the way…) In a way, it seems more “real”. And if you watch the engagement on some of these video blogs, it’s typically higher than a traditional photo with some text.

So like any good marketing professional in the business of social media, I decided to try this video blogging thing. I wanted to see if there was any merit to video blogging in terms of increased engagement. Testing out trends or new ideas is something I typically do on my own social media sites so I’m able to refine the process and translate that into success for my clients.  Let me tell you, I felt a bit odd recording myself…especially after Facebook lets you see individual frames on your video, and you start thinking “Do I really make that expression when I talk?!” (Oh the things I do for the benefit of my clients… smiley-681580_960_720)

I recorded a 25 second video using my iPhone with no editing and no fancy filters (yikes!). For my first video, I wanted something short and simple. So I asked my Facebook followers to comment on the post with feedback about what they’d like to see and if they had any questions they’d like addressed in a post sometime. I posted it to my Facebook page three days ago, and here’s what I found:

  • 138 people reached organically
    • On average, those viewers watched 19 seconds of the video
    • A few diehards (15%) watched it til the end (I hope they didn’t notice my goofy expressions as much as I did!)
  • 41 “other clicks”

Facebook also informed me this post was doing better than 75% of my other recent posts. Interesting! It seemed to garner some social media attention and engagement, and it didn’t take tons of time to record or post.

Clearly, social media trend predictors are onto something with their video predictions. I would encourage you to give it a try, if you have a question for your fans or if you have relevant info you want to share. As for me? Well, it looks like recording video for my own profiles is something I may need to get more comfortable with!


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