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I just rearranged my office this afternoon. After my computer keyboard stopped working, again, I decided it was time to do something offline while it re-booted. (Again.) So, I set to work finding a new place for just one thing. Which led to finding a new place for about 80% of the furniture and assorted stuff in my office. Which I’d been needing to do, but had been putting off for various reasons. All of this rearranging got me to thinking about marketing (what else?).

There are people out there who have never rearranged their marketing plans. Or, for that matter, there are also people out there who have never even had a marketing plan. No judgement here, I’m the first to admit that when it comes to my business or a customer’s needs…well, the customer’s needs win, every time! But it is important to focus on your own business, which means starting or even just tweaking your marketing plan.

For those who just feel overwhelmed by the time commitment, take a deep breath! You don’t have to immediately jump into a marketing plan that requires 20 hours of your time every week. Heck, we can start you off with one hour per week–and get some good things accomplished!

I’ve also had some people say they’ve put off looking into working with a marketing consultant because they think it’s too expensive. If this sounds like you, I’d encourage you to check into a few different marketing firms. Some independent consultants offer free consultations, such as myself. I use this consultation to ask you all kinds of questions about your business and your goals. In short, I want to know about you and what your marketing needs are. And some of the best consultations I’ve had are with business owners who were willing to meet for an hour over a cup of coffee!

Sometimes, the hardest part of anything is just starting. I’m here to help with that, too! Head on over to my Contact page, type in your name and contact info, and leave it to me to follow up with you. Let’s get you started with a marketing plan that’s designed especially for you!

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