Fear & Business

Fear can be a four letter word. In the business world in general, it’s sometimes implied that successful people should exude confidence at all times and have absolutely no fear. (Ever!) That’s partly why it’s so difficult for budding entrepreneurs to take the plunge and go “all-in” with their business.

Fear can be healthy though. For instance, I have what I consider a healthy fear of spiders. (Okay, maybe it’s more of a phobia…) Some people have a fear of heights, or of snakes, or other things that may seem innocuous to one person but entirely dangerous or frightening to another. But this type of fear is a bit of a protective mechanism too; that snake may bite you, and it could be poisonous. Sometimes, fear is helpful!

Going back to the business world, how do you know if what you are most afraid of is healthy, or if it’s holding your business back? Try looking at the issue again after boiling it down to a few simplified questions:

First of all, is whatever you’re afraid of going to harm you? Your family? Your business? Second, is there a reasonable chance that this thing you’re afraid of doing could pay off? That could mean a literal paycheck, or something less tangible such as a chance to score a meeting with the CEO of a respected company you’ve always wanted to pitch your product to. And third: are you willing to put in the necessary effort to tackle the thing you fear?

If you answer “no” to the chance of harm befalling you, “yes” to a chance of success, and “heck yes” to putting in the effort…there’s only one more question!

What are you waiting for? Recognize your fear, accept it, and use it to make your business better!

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