Always Improving

If you would have asked me six months ago if I would have completely switched career paths, I may have told you that you were crazy (in a very nice, tactful way of course).

Sometimes it seems we get stuck in a rut; stuck in the same career because we know how to do our jobs. Sure, there are some unpleasant aspects of the job. But we know to expect these pain points–we know what they are and we’ve developed mechanisms for coping with them and getting through them.

But that comfort and those “coping” mechanisms only get us so far. Then we enter into the dangerous complacency phase when it comes to our careers. You know the signs: counting the days until Friday rolls around, doing the bare minimum just to get by, being satisfied with “good enough” and no longer striving to be the best. There are some days where it just seems impossible to do much more than the minimum, and believe me I get that! But don’t forget–you must keep improving upon your knowledge and your success.

For instance, maybe you’re running your own business. Let’s call it ZYX Products. You started ZYX Products two years ago as more of a hobby, and now here you are–earning a living (most days!) off of your “hobby.” Sure, you’re the local expert on all ZYX Products has to offer. You’re always improving your business knowledge, of course.

But what about your online presence? What about those business cards that have incorrect information because your website is no longer active? When you have a business, these things may seem somewhat small and rather insignificant sometimes…but they add up to your business and personal brands! Customers these days typically research your business online before they ever call you or step foot into your store. Make sure what they find online is appealing! Make sure your business cards and other business literature is up to date and fits with your business brand.

Don’t forget to always improve your branding and your marketing strategy along with improving your business knowledge! And if marketing isn’t your thing, no worries. There’s help for you here!



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