Different Equals Irreplaceable?

CoCo Chanel

I just read an article from Forbes Woman about Coco Chanel. (Once you get through a few of the typos, it’s a good read!) I’ve never thought much about her or her brand, but this article peaked my interest. So of course I headed to my favorite search engine and typed in “Coco Chanel quotes”, and wouldn’t you know it–a whole bunch of great quotes turned up! I scanned through them all, and thought to myself that if she really did say all of those things, she must have been one savvy woman!

I wanted to share just one quote in particular with you. Or rather, one piece of advice that was mentioned in the Forbes Woman article: “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” Wow! That resonated with me, especially considering I just recently wrote up my own thoughts on that (you can check that out here).

My mission this week is to remember this bit of advice. Dare to be different, and see what happens! Who knows, you might just become irreplaceable.


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