Find Your Ruby Slippers

Find Your Own Ruby Slippers


I happen to love, love, LOVE these ruby slippers. And red is my color–it is literally sprinkled throughout my business and my shoe collection. But this post isn’t about telling you to go out and buy some red shoes. (Even though that’s pretty much always a great idea!) Red has essentially become my calling card, and partly how I help my business stand out from the crowd. I’ve had people tell me any time they see red shoes, they think of me. That. Is. Awesome. Thinking of me is also thinking of my business, which eventually can lead to referrals!

We live in a world pretty saturated with our competition, and with the “internet of things” giving us access to products and services we need instantly, does it feel like sometimes you just can’t compete and keep up with what all the other guys are doing? Let’s be honest…it can be pretty intimidating to go to a conference, or walk into an event in your community that most of your competition just happened to attend. But instead of asking yourself how you can keep up with the competition, ask yourself how are you different!

Let’s go back to that room full of your competition for a minute. When you walked into that room, did you notice anything particularly interesting about any of those people or their products? Or were they all pretty much the same? As tempting as it may be to want to “blend in” with the crowd sometimes, don’t do it! Be the one who stands out in the crowd–whether that’s with a great pair of ruby slippers (or something else that makes people think of you instantly), or with a fantastic marketing campaign featuring your style or your own quirky trademark that sticks with people long after that last ad they saw on Facebook.

If you don’t know what makes you or your way of doing business different, make sure you take a good look at your competition. What are they doing? How are they branding their product or service–or do they even have any consistent branding? And then take a good, long look at what you do differently. Maybe it’s your communication style, or maybe it’s your sense of humor showing through your Facebook page that helps your customers relate to you and feel like they know you. Whatever it is, embrace it like those beautiful red shoes! Go find YOUR ruby slippers!

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