Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to attend the Social Media Rockstar event in Morton, Minnesota. Wow, what a knowledgeable and FUN group of social media gurus! I had the opportunity to hear from fantastic speakers such as Marcus Sheridan and Adam Dince. I consider myself to be pretty competent with social media, but these experts just take things to another level! My favorite part of the entire day had to be Marcus Sheridan. He shared many ideas on websites and insights on the buying process, and the best part was they are all so simple! Amazingly simple, really. One part of his talk that really resonated with me was when he simply pointed out that if someone asks a question, you must answer. It’s no different when it comes to the buying process and the online research today’s consumer does–way before ever talking with any sort of company rep or salesperson. Mr. Sheridan shared that consumers have already made it through 70% of their buying process (decision) before ever setting foot in a store. What a change from a decade ago! Or even just a couple of years ago, for that matter. And yes, as a business owner you must address the thing that all consumers want to know: how much is this going to cost me? Don’t avoid it, embrace it! Put it right out there on your website, so that consumer can easily find it. Sounds crazy, right? But when you address it head on (because let’s face it, you know that question is completely inevitable!), you create trust and transparency–before that potential client has ever even met you!

So when it comes to this age of instant information and publishing prices, where do you stand?

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