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Why do blogs matter?

Your potential customers are out there, searching for you. More than 3/4 of people online read blogs. How will they find you, get to know you and want to do business with you if you aren’t creating fresh content?


People who read blogs regularly


People who prefer to learn about brands via content instead of ads

Why create written content?

People don’t want to see your ads (sorry). They want to get to know you by reading about your business. This builds a relationship which may eventually lead to a sale and a loyal customer.

Why spend time on content?

On average, it takes nearly four hours to write one blog post. That’s more than 16% percent of your day that could be spent on other aspects of your business!


Percent of the day spent on one blog post


Fortune 500 companies with a blog

Why hire a writer?

As business owners, it’s difficult and time-consuming to write about our work in a fresh, innovative way. This is why the most successful businesses bring in talented writers who are able to transform knowledge and expertise into compelling copy or content.

How can your business benefit?

You don’t have to be a Fortune 500 company to benefit from hiring a writer. Depending on your business or nonprofit goals, working with a writer to develop relevant and engaging content for your audience can be transformative.¬†

Looking for a writer?

I write for individuals, nonprofits, big & small companies, printed publications, influencers, photographers, yoga instructors, podcasts, insurance agencies and politicians. 

Whether your organization has a marketing strategy and needs someone who can create content that wows the world, or you’re in need of some help with both written content and marketing strategy, I can absolutely help you!


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